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Current Grant Recipients

Iowa Department of Public Health: Breast Screening for Iowa’s Underserved, Low-Income Women

The Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) will provide access to breast screening and diagnostic services to 3,009 low-income, uninsured or underinsured women throughout the Susan G. Komen Iowa 91 county service area through the Care for Yourself program. This project will focus on two priority strategies: decreasing barriers created by Financial Access issues to the breast cancer continuum of care for women throughout the 91-county service area; and decreasing barriers created by Information Access related to the breast cancer continuum of care in three counties (Decatur, Ida and Buena Vista). For more information call 515.281.7689 or visit

Jennie Edmundson Hospital: Navigating the Continuum of Care One Patient at a Time

Jeannie Edmundson aims to educate women on importance of breast self-awareness and knowing their risks, Increase access to care through building partnership within Adair, Cass, Mills, Montgomery, Pottawattamie and Shelby county. In addition to addressing access to care, Jeannie Edmundson Hospital will be providing funds to assist uninsured and/or underserved women with cost of mammograms and diagnostic testing  in southwestern Iowa. For more information call 712.396.4117 or visit

Polk County Health Dept: Polk County Health Department Breast Health Initiative

The purpose of this project is to increase breast cancer health services for early detection to increase survival rates for women/men in the project area as well as address health disparities for low income and ethnic minorities. Polk County Health Department will increase the percentage of people who enter, stay in, or progress through the continuum of care through program activities. For example, providing education for breast health literacy, providing bi-lingual (English/Spanish) patient navigation services for Spanish-speakers and providing patient navigation services to address access issues, and delays/barriers to care for uninsured, underinsured and insured (especially newly insured/recently uninsured) including scheduling, reminders and follow-up. For more information call (515) 286-2018 or visit

Montgomery County Memorial Hospital

This project uses weekly education to explore topics such as nutrition, supplements, coping, anxiety and depression, relationships, exercise, spirituality, sexual functioning, happiness, relaxation, and mental attitude. The group discussion then explores the information further, identifying ways to incorporate this knowledge into daily life. During weekly “power tool” demonstrations participants learn and practice specific coping techniques to help manage anxiety and promote healing. Each week ends with journaling, affirmations and positive intentions.  For more information call (712) 623-7460 or email

Casting for Recovery

Casting for Recovery is a refreshing retreat that provides breast cancer survivors a respite from familiar routines in a natural setting where emotional well-being can flourish. It also promotes lessening survivors’ isolation, problem solving, and coping skills, through an opportunity to be with other survivors. The retreats begin with a welcome gathering.  Also, participants are introduced to fly-fishing by qualified staff through casting sessions, entomology, and a class on equipment and knots. The Psychosocial Facilitator then gathers with the participants for a time of sharing the overall psychological effects of breast cancer. On Sunday, river helpers arrive to guide the women in catch and release fishing. For more information call (802)362-9181  or visit

Des Moines Urban Experience Magazine

This project sponsored a breast cancer awareness, October edition, while targeting the African American community. We know that breast cancer affects women nationwide, and know that African American women are the most at risk population to get breast cancer. Many times women may not recognize the signs and symptoms. This project reaches out to other agencies to share information on breast cancer. The goal of this edition is to empower our readers with the information they read to take action.  For more information call (515)829-0927 or visit

The Susan G. Komen® Promise:

To save lives and end breast cancer forever by empowering people, ensuring quality care for all and energizing science to find the cures.

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